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Our History

Our History

Future Arab Investment Company is a public share holding company, registered at the companies’ controller at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply under no. (413). The Company was established 2006 with a capital of twenty seven millions three hundred thousand and seventy five thousands Jordanian Dinars.

Future Arab Investment Company has achieved a breakthrough and became a pioneer in the investments sector at the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It became a public share holding company through a successful IPO under the name of Future Arab Investment Company (FUTR) with stocks publically traded at the Amman Stock Exchange and it became one of the most traded shares especially in 2009 – 2010 after acquisition of Quqa Trading Company, a company with limited Liability, established in 1983.

Future Arab Investment Company now owns 100% of a number of companies:

1- Quqa Trading Company
2- Future Markets Trading Company
3- Ithmar food Company
4- Ithmar Industries and Distribution Company
5- Irjoum Ajram Land Development
6- AlTafeh Investments Company
7- Damia Agricultural Products Company
8- Thuhaibat Al-Naqirah for Agricultural Products Trading Company
9- Al-Mashta Agricultural Products Trading Company
10- Qasr Al-Mashta land Development Company.
11- Marka Gate for Real Estate Development
12- Al-Husayneyyat Land Development Company
13- Future Motors Export and Import W.L.L.

There are other sister companies, in which Future Arab Investment Company owns different amounts of share, amongst those companies are:

1- Rich Bake Bakery and Supermarket Compnay
2- Ithmar Metal Industries
3- Safari Delivery Services Company
4- Specialized Trading and Investment Co. PLC